Competition to many is the line between being good and being a champion, to others it’s the passion and sportsmanship that drives them to finish, or better yet win. It’s from the passion, or view of the fine line, that leads to the view that creeps over your passion, superiority. Superiority has lead many people to gain what they want, by losing what they love, it’s the difference that puts you between being ‘above’ everyone, and ‘with everyone else’.

Throughout my life i’ve met many people that wanted to, or felt, that they have gained the upper hand in life over me, leading them to try and order me around. Some of these people I can say I was happy to follow, others I felt patronised and as if they were just insults on my conscience. Although this was never to say I felt above them myself, but to have somebody that felt above me to the extent that they could treat me like there protege, was never a ‘smart move’. I particularly remember one person actually correcting me on spelling, and scoffing at my grammar, as someone that enjoys writing as much as I do, I quickly looked at my written word, only to realised I had used the correct version of ‘stationary’, as the car was not in fact moving.

Although, many people will find themselves superior, in an attempt to help people, to these people I could never find myself angry with. Although annoyed, if they were truly trying to offer their time to me, how could I be angry? But some will do it for the sake of feeling better about themselves, after all, to many helping someone is better than not helping, no matter the cost of your opinion of them. Again being angry with these people will only make you worse, as you’re rejecting somebodies good nature, nobody wants to be that person;

From writing this, I do beg the question how do people feel are superior? Many deem themselves this way because they are generally smarter that others when compared academically. Others because of their physical strength, after all, being able to do forty five pushups does make you an automatic leader. To be truthful, I was saw superiority as something that only ever played a role in whatever field that the task was in, unless you are truly the greatest of all time in your work, there will always be someone that can guide you a step further with what you are doing. But this will never mean that the person guiding you is better at everything you do, maybe a few things, but never everything. And when I do come across the people that truly believe they are better at everything, it’s more enjoyable as I realise that they must think this way to make themselves look above someone that never said they were better in the first place, the only fool is the ‘genius’.

It’s at times like this I come to realise that sometimes being patronising can also mean that you are being small minded. The best don’t come in two’s for a reason.

Yours sincerely,

D.J Caller