Daily drawbacks as a mundane mishap

Day by day in everything you do a task will have an issue, tricky or not. Just the sheer effort of attempting to figure out the problem can be enough to send you out of your way to quit what it is that you are doing. I find myself in this position often, and as I can imagine, you can too, unless you do a different things everyday the mundane bleak task of having to fix a different problem is a true issue amongst the daily worker.

One drawback I caught myself in today was having to try and manage my time, and still have a part of the evening where I could take a shower. My day was contained with the everyday issues of having to run around in attempt to fix past issues that I will admit was my own wrongdoing. But throughout every task a different boring issue tried to stop me in my tracks. But in dealing with this I ask why do they make everything so much worse? After all, they are just part of the task anyway, but the daily drawbacks seem to make me want to throw myself out of a 50ft window. And although as i’m writing this I can say i still haven’t taken a shower (the night will wear on..). This just shows how the little parts of a day can stop your main ambition.

Everyone will always say that the little things are what counts, well it seems to be true in terms of things that make your day worse. When any little inconsistency will make you feel like Hell, everything will seem worse. But as the days go on coming to terms with these problems seem to be mandatory.  I couldn’t tell you I enjoy them, but for me and others sometimes not dealing with anything can become almost unusual, without the stress it’s like everything isn’t real. The emotions and thoughts that arrive in your head will flood you until eventually everything is finished, and the only thing left to do is return to the bedroom where you’ll wait another eight hours until the next chore.

Daily issues come and go, without them things would be easier, with them things are just normal.

Yours sincerely


D.J Caller