Every day we remember things, good or bad, we remember them in a way that only you will see.Remembering something differently has always been a struggle, I remember meeting my friends and looking back at past moments, the only issue is we all saw them from a different view, although certain that I was correct, I could never bet my life on it, given that everyone else who remembers it was there.

Bad memories that involve you being the bad guy give the type of pain that you would feel only when your mother is disappointed, the sensation of the mistake that hurt either yourself and others is something we can all recollect to. Although you could say that with these memories comes to blessing of not making the same mistake twice, i’ve always found myself too invested in my own issue not to think about this, selfish as that may be. Bad memories will always be around in life, some make peoples relationships stronger, some cause a day wasted, some result in an everlasting life decision that you will never regret (still on waiting for that one to come around).

Every day a memory is made, one recent memory I  hope to never recall (after this at least) is how I managed to simultaneously walk into a vacuum cleaner, whilst holding coffee, shirtless. Although I would love to talk about my mistake, I say this because it shows just how everything you do is recorded, wether you like it or not, I particularly would like to forget my previous mentions, although the red mark reaching across my back seems to say otherwise.Although in mentioning this it does make me think, what stops a person from doing something in order to not create a  bad memory? One example that springs to mind is my everlasting fear of asking a girl out. This has always been a fear because the sheer memory of her rejecting me would be enough to send my ambitions through the earth, and to the fiery pit that is my love life.

But to continue complaining about my own issues would be a tragedy, throughout time memories will continue to be created. Recorded by some and forgotten by others. History will always tell us the past as if the person telling you it was there. Reading a book can tell you more from somebodies past, as each page you turn gives you a further insight on to their style and if they wrote about it, their own life. Looking into someone else’s memories I always found was more interesting, i’m sure many will agree, after all if you are reading this then you are essentially playing to what I said. This is possibly because of the human interest in learning, something we all have, but something not everyone uses.

Memories will always have a role in time, as without them nothing can ever be gained. To some they’re the reason to continue working, to others they’re the reason to stop in motion.


Yours sincerely

D.J Caller.


Summer Days

After writing my last post, I looked back and reflected to my life growing up, how I became who am, who i’ll be later on, and who i’ll meet tomorrow. This reminded me of the days of Summer where meeting your friends was the pinnacle of everything, school was over, life began. I remember meeting my friends at a small stream where we could cool down and live in the heat. With nothing but a small speaker and a towel everything seemed to be perfection, the only thing to stop us was the rain that guided us back to somebodies house, nothing could try and stop us.

Sumer seemed to be the time where spending time with everyone seemed essential, we were adamant to go home; taking the first steps home meant that the fun was over, if we could have stayed out forever we would have. But this didn’t mean that the Summer was perfect, learning seemed to follow us even after we had ditched school for the next 6 weeks. Arguing had become more common, as seeing everyone every day would teach us the annoying quirks of other people that we once appreciated, but now resented. By the end of the Summer’s school seemed almost wanted, although this quickly became a  regret around one week into school.

As Summer would end we would attempt to keep to the same patterns, in two degree weather we would stand at the same field and talk as if nothing was the problem. But we knew that the days would be over, this just meant that we would have to find someone’s house. But when we weren’t allowed in, the night’s cold would take us for all we were worth, the frost growing on our chins as the swings swung steadily through the chilly air.

Once spring rolled around, we treated it like Summer, it was Summer. Coats were out, and sunglasses had arrived once again, even if the clouds had overshadowed us. It was inevitable that Summer would come around, just as it was inevitable that it would end. But whatever the case the memories gave us something that we couldn’t find anywhere else. As the hot air beat on our necks whilst we ran across the fields shouting at one another insults,playing tricks with their conscience yet also making them laugh. Summer was a time, but everything else was a moment.


Yours sincerely

D.J Caller


I’ve spent many days waiting for the clock to return back to twelve, the next day after all gives you new expectations. But boredom comes when you least expect it, wether you’re optimistic about the next day or not, it’s just another ‘sensation’ that reeks itself over you and drives you to do nothing, but expect yourself to do everything.

I’ve spent weeks where I’ve met the same people and done the same things, but why I ask myself do I continue doing it? Is it the feeling that I have to? Must I spend every minute with people that I might not know in ten years. I don’t have to. I know this. But being without somebody Is just as frustrating, after all when you’re bored with friends, at least you can be bored together. But growing up in a town boredom was a regular pattern to my lifestyle, there was nowhere for anyone to go, the movie theatre was the only place we ever spent much time in. But paying £7 Regularly was a struggle, we felt as if we were miners caught in a depression.

Money as you can guess was the other issue, boredom doesn’t come at a price, neither does happiness, although the ‘premium edition’ does. I remember us trying to scrape together bits of change in an attempt to buy a burger from McDonalds, (I personally didn’t want it, I just owed the guy). That was a single time though, we generally weren’t that bad. But as I said living in a town doing anything entertaining would cost a sizeable fee, at least to a teenager. And when you were caught in a world that made you want more, your bank account played the limit instead of ambitions; This wasn’t to say I wasn’t grateful, but in terms of entertainment money would be an issue.

But even on my most mundane day the sun would still shine, this did let us combat our tedious weekends, sometimes a ball would be the key to the best day of the month. If watching television with you’re friends gave you some form of amusement, then playing football on a field can be the greatest thing ever, the sun showering your soul as the only thing stopping your enjoyment is the moon. But even when that was the case moonlight can create the Summer night that you never forgot, as the night darkens and the heat goes down, you split back to your houses, only to return the next day to repeat it again.

Boredoms comes at no price, but sometimes the best things won’t need a price anyway.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Yours sincerely,

D.J Caller.