The First Chapter

The first time of anything is trouble, the fear that comes from it can be enough to throw anyone off their talent. The only difference though is that if you continue doing something long enough then eventually the first time will be one of the most important moments. It’s the moment that you began something you love. I love writing. I couldn’t tell you i’m afraid to write this post because if i didn’t I’d be more scared I had no talent.

If you have found yourself here around the time of when it was written, congrats, you’re probably one of the first people to read my work, I hope you like it, i’d give you an opinion of my work but you probably won’t know who gave the opinion.

It’s a rare moment when you decide to start something like this, it’s a rare moment when you decide to start anything. Even the ‘go getters’ will have a point in which they won’t try something. Fear will drive you to begin many things though, wether it’s jumping out of a plane, or asking the girl you’ve dreamed about because of the fear of living without anybody is enough to make you do it (if you stick around long enough maybe I’ll tell you a personal account).

But whatever the case, sometimes you need to begin something, so that when you end it, you know that it was worth doing, or maybe it wasn’t.

We’ve all debated beginning things, so why don’t we all do follow through? As I said fear can drive anyone to do anything, it’s the one emotion that will make you crazy enough to try whatever’s needed. But also many won’t start something out of laziness; The couch is a better friend than the keyboard, after all, the average keyboard has 101 keys, the tv remote only has around 20-30. But the lazy ones aren’t the ones I would say are the worst.

The worst to me will always be the ones that give excuses, we’ve all met the one that says they want to start, but don’t have time. Shame. Starting something is hard, but keeping to it is harder. To say you want to start is the equivalent to me saying I want to go to the store, but can’t go as I don’t have my car, even though it’s 5 minutes away. Everything is five minutes away once you’ve started, just sometimes the walk is harder.

This isn’t an inspirational article though, I couldn’t tell you i think i’m better than anyone for starting this post because I’m not. I do this for enjoyment, it’s my television, it’s my late night drink. Writing that is. Speaking of late night drinks stick around, there’s always a story worth telling there.

This was my first post, hoped you all liked it , leave a comment if you’d like, i’m always open to criticism. After all improvements are one of the only things that can’t leave you.

Yours sincerely

D.J Caller


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